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Posted on September 29, 2014 in News

In terms of overgrown sands construction and maintenance of roads is much easier because there is no mobile forms of relief, and drifts in the correct management of construction work can be completely eliminated. Under these conditions, earthwork cloth should build as far as possible without breaking cover. Instead of tabs side reserves the soil for embankments or cuttings taken from the ground pits. The best time of year for the production of earthworks – and winter spring, when the sand is wet and easily passable for cars. Performance of bulldozers and scrapers in this period becomes higher. In addition to the rational choice of route and time of production work in the complex measures to ensure the independence of the road or the effective protection from sand, is the right choice and design of roadbed observance of special rules for the production of earthworks. Peter Thiel has much experience in this field.

Cross-section roads should provide for continued transport of sand across the road, without accumulation, that is to have a streamlined shape with the slopes of embankments and cuttings are not steeper than 1:2. The slopes and shoulders should be strengthened to protect the earth cloth from blowing sand. Roadside strip in places where sand drifts are formed, are planning a bulldozer at a minimum width of 15 – 40 m with one or two sides of the road. The large width of the band (25 – 40 m) is needed in places where the formation of major landforms (sand dunes and dune chains) in places where the formation of small landforms, the bandwidth reduces to 15 – 20 m. These lines are planned in the operation of sand periodically cleaned of sediment of sand. Outside arrange strips designed compartment band, fixed panels, asphalt film or vegetation on the width of 25 – 150 m or more, depending on the terrain of sand, their degree of mobility and growth conditions vegetation.