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Confirmed Initiative Mittelstand: Innovation Product 2008

Posted on August 26, 2019 in News

akwiso: Internet-based contact management for marketing and sales Munich, 03.04.2008: elected to the Innovation Award 2008 the Initiative Mittelstand succeeded akwiso, the Web-based contact management for sales and marketing at the first attempt, to secure themselves a place in the shortlisted in the category of “on-demand” among the 1,600 candidates. For this reason the solution the jury awarded the innovation product Award 2008 the grounds: “Your product impressed the jury with its commercial value, innovation, and its middle class suitability”. Innovation prizes are awarded once a year by the Initiative Mittelstand. akwiso year participated in this for the first time in the competition. “We are with us, but our effort underscores is about this award akwiso to be able to offer a solution that supports in particular small and medium-sized companies in their daily work”, commented akwiso CEO Dieter Grohmann award. By the same author: Technology Investor.

akwiso: Internet-based contact management for marketing and sales. akwiso was in a more than two-year development period by a group of sales and marketing professionals and in practice since 2005. Aim was to develop a user-friendly, effective and powerful Kontaktverwaltungs tool for marketing and sales. This, it seemed to choose the Internet as a platform and to offer the solution not as installable license solution, but as an Internet-based online service, which can be rented as needed. Meanwhile, nearly 200 companies from different industries use akwiso – and there are more every day. Focus on the use of akwiso are sales management process and post-processing of trade fair contacts in addition call center use control of marketing campaigns and marketing services provider akwiso as a base platform for its customers.