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Posted on November 4, 2012 in News

In order to work in house with a business by Internet, the System of Affiliates it is indicated when idea is not had nor than it is the electronic commerce, since it can still begin without having without previous experience and a Web site, although for having it is indicated. In this one type of business in house, two or three parts take part, on the one hand the Affiliate and by another one the Retailer, and when this one last contract to a third party so that position becomes of the validation of the payment system, we would have the third part of the system. We could consider to the Affiliate like a Commission agent, that is the person who dedicates her better effort to present/display to the possible buyers, the product or service reason for her affiliation and to send them with the Retailer, this one is normally the Web site that has this product or service on sale. In the form simplest to operate, we could say that there its work finishes. The Retailer, receives to the possible buyers, we say Referred and by means of its automated Web site, position is made register to the referred ones, in the majority of the cases offering some gifts like E-Books or courses to them, to have access to its direction of email and by that means to realise the conviction work, normally by means of a periodic campaign of shipments of post office motivating them to the purchase of the product or service to obtain the closing of the sale. Once the Referred one is decided to realise the purchase, and Now clicks in the Button of Comprar or anyone of the purchase bellboys, the third part if the same Retailer does not do, then been worth the Credit card takes part and load to the account of the Buyer or Referred the price of the product, and immediately it is sent to the page of Unloading of the product if it is a digital product, E-Book or Softwar and is thanked for to him by its purchase, having been able to make the unloading immediately and in a matter of minutes it has the bought article.