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Posted on December 9, 2015 in News

Embarrassing and ackward, nobody likes celulite, for itself or any another person. But while the majority of the people does not have difficulty in identifying that, few scarce ones to understand accurately what it is celulite. The celulite is fat that if it projects for it are of the inferior layers of the skin until derme, or external layer of the skin. Celulite of the one appearance covinhas in the skin, many times grotescamente described as one ‘ ‘ cheese cottage’ ‘ to look at. Comumente celulite is seen in the back extremity, lame and has broken inferior of the legs, even so can appear in other places. Surprising, modern science still knows very little on the cause or causes of the celulite.

We know, however, that 85% enter and 98% of the women (that almost all the women) have at least some celulite in some place in its bodies. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. Thus, in contrast of the popular mistake, then, and although as accustomed to see the celulite in obesas people who be, the celulite is not one derivative of the weight excess. Science has also observed that the celulite is less in the white flour. Again, this is suspected, but not yet ‘ ‘ sabe’ ‘ or proven. As it is the case whenever a perceived problem new appears in our culture, the manufacturers run to produce and to liberate a infinity of products being aimed at the celulite aflitos. You go to find gis, lotions, compressed and plus all the promising ones to exempt it of that the celulite unsightly.

They function? So far these products in the best one of the hypotheses do not have nothing but the evidences supporting. Another false hope in the battle against the celulite is lipoaspirao, the withdrawal of fat of the body through surgery. Lipoaspirao not to suck the celulite. Some patients had discovered that> certain types of massage can produce a temporary reduction of the appearance of the celulite in the body, but not a reduction of the real existence of the same. This occurs because it does not have sanguineous vases in the subcutaneous fat, thus, when the body is massageado and circulation below of the skin is stimulated, the surface of the skin appears alleviated. Massage, then, is only one superficial solution for the celulite, and one with lasting effect only for short term. To few steps until the moment they have demonstrated that to make any real and lasting reduction in the celulite they are the same advised steps for loss of adequate and efficient weight: a style of healthful life. To eat a balanced diet, to drink much water, and to start the abundance of the exercise and rest seem to be the only remedy known for the ugly and embarrassing celulite. It is not to reinventar the wheel, and it is not no fast solution – but it functions. when one is about looking at and feeling well, what it functions is everything that it matters.