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Posted on July 3, 2014 in News

Among other features of the drainage pumps, we note an increased resistance to contaminated liquid and suction pipe, located in the 'bottom' body, so water is collected in full, without the rest (after the technique works in a series of Drenox 80 / 7 from Nocchi and top floor of Pedrollo remain pools deeper than two or three millimeters). To drain the device can operate in automatic mode, equip them with special floats (submersible pumps Ama-Drainer, KSB). This option insures the pump from pumping full of liquid. Suction mechanism in models of the series tmw (WILO) forms at the site of a twist, due to what is removed and the sediment. The main characteristic of the drainage technology – the size of solid particles, which are working pump chamber can pass without harm to himself. Most domestic pumping systems designed for fractions with a diameter of 10-30 mm, but some models (TP 50 and tp 65, WILO; dw Vox, Right, Ebara; gmc and gmv, Calpeda; mc, vx, Pedrollo) capable of pumping fluid from the inclusions diameter of five to seven centimeters. Need to say a few words about the universal submersible pumps of small capacity, such as vibrational model 'Kid' and other Russian counterparts. The 'Babe' no rotating parts, which improves its mechanical durability. It is perfect for watering the garden plots and vegetable gardens, water garden farms, pumping water from basements, and is inexpensive – about $ 25 The only disadvantage of this model – no Automation of the box.