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Myths About The Smart Home

Posted on June 27, 2020 in News

Modern House – is not just walls and a roof to protect us from bad weather, not just the night, not just our cozy haven, not just a place to work and leisure. We want our house was more independent. That he himself was able to take care of themselves and of us, therefore, to invent new methods and technologies that will save the homeowner from at least part of the homework will fulfill all his needs by simply pressing a couple buttons. And, it would seem that for the building automation system is not even the future and the present, is undeniable. However, like any progressive idea, the idea of 'smart home' is cluttered with myths and ridiculous assumptions. Let's try to dispel the most common ones. 'Smart house' – it is very expensive This is one of the most common myths.

Of course, to say that the pleasure of the cheap – it means to lie. Currently, however, many companies offer services are fully available to residents of conventional apartments, not just luxury housing. In addition to the expensive, multi-component systems, which allow almost complete automation of the house on the market there are a number devices for installation and setup which does not require the high cost of designing, laying of new cable networks, complex programming. But while such modules and systems that serve a broad range of functions intellectual home. Thus, the most popular home automation tasks can be implemented without the dizzying cost. 'Smart House' difficult to manage today a computer for someone already become an indispensable assistant in the work, although, of course, for many it remains a sealed book.

Olga Udalova Coach

Posted on June 10, 2020 in News

Questions – great art, and in clarifying the customer’s needs should be constructed so as to locate and call it confidence. 3. Everyone knows that meet on clothes and good quality packaging increases the cost of goods. So do not ignore things like image and ability to apply yourself, right speech, and friendly voice, a solid office and high-quality site. By self-promotion, some people use unconsciously. If a long story all, as we are honest and principled, naturally reinforcing words deeds, soon this estimate can be heard from other people. Not inclined to extremes – arrogance and modesty, at the equator are the best “samoprodavtsy. Emotional presentation of information more memorable, and if genuinely love, trust and admire the fact that we offer, we will cause the interest and most skeptical customers. 4. Responding to objections questions, you should not forget the simple truth that the buyer is always right, there are no bad or wrong customers is the wrong approach for them and bad delivery of the goods.

You must be a buyer on an equal, respected and valued, not late for an appointment, call back in time, to fulfill the agreements and offer them assistance. 5. Upon completion of the transaction were not needed to solve for the customer, if he has any money, any buyer have the money, if we interested. People rarely say what they think, so obvious signs of lack of interest can serve as the phrase “I’ll think,” “call back”, “I have no money,” leaving on a business trip, etc. 6. After the transaction is important liaise with the client, not to forget about yourself. Be afraid to miss an opportunity, not calling the right place and time, and not to seem intrusive. We must constantly strive to improve its value. It is important to advance decide whether, below a bar, we will not drop ever, and what heights we want to achieve. In order not to stop there, the bar requirements necessary each time to raise to new heights. Master the art of selling yourself possible only with a daily workout at the frequent meetings and negotiations, only to known laws of physics and life will shift from quantity to quality ratio. Aerobatics in the art of selling themselves – self-management – the ability not to succumb to provocations and buyers to sell its own rules. Olga Udalova Coach of financial success.


Total Days

Posted on June 7, 2020 in News

Therefore the need to scurry for notices of the funds is no longer, and if the registrar says you do not need it, he tells the truth. "Traumatic" is the coefficient of the fss is easy to pick up on the classifier. Tip eight: and if a failure? Refusals to register are professionals and registrars, but still – this is an exception to the rule, but the moral is to be ready for anything. Although the majority of failures occur because of the banal errors (for example, in an address or name of the founder), yet there are cases of outright violations of the law of the registering authority. To challenge such a refusal to Unfortunately, it is possible only through the court – so the only quick solution is to re-filing the registration file to the tax office. In the work of registrars there is a principle: if the refusal is caused by the registrar all the cost of re-delivery business is it if it is the fault of the client or the tax office receptionist, "washing his hands" – his work is done, re-pay the state fee is already a customer's account.

Council Nine: check received in the tax, and documents. Time unnoticed mistake made by the employee mifns fix is very difficult – so check the papers received on the day of issue. Tip Ten: When ordering specify the full cost of services. Whatever the cost of services of law firm overhead expenses remain the same: the State duty – 2000 rubles; Notary fees – an average of 1000-1700 rubles (ID signatures, notarized copies of documents for opening a checking account), Making printing – from 200 rubles depending on the complexity. Therefore, I recommend to specify in advance – includes whether these costs in the amount called you on the phone. Approximate procedure and deadlines for registration with law firms: 1. Preparation of documents – 1-2 days 2.

Notarization of the signature of one of the founders – the applicant's application for state registration of 3. Submission of the applicant documents mifns 46 Moscow 4. Consideration Reg. body of documents and a decision on registration – 9 days 5. Getting the applicant registration documents 6. Manufacturing Printing – 1 day 7. Opening an account – 1-4 days Total – at least 2 weeks, whatever is said in the subway ads that promises to incorporate a company in the last 7 days.




Posted on June 3, 2020 in News

That paragraph is as follows: during the first two months of each year, taxpayers with income equal osuperiores to two thousand seven hundred fifty-three minimum monthly wages, should presentarante the tax administration form signed by the taxpayer, your representative Legalo agent and the counter, which attaches the detail of cadauno of inventoried property and valuation of them practiced physical inventory, in magnetic media oelectronicos with specs that the tax administration has this paragraph from the article 142 has confused some taxpayers who wonder whether to take as it base the first two months of the year to determine if your company qualifies or not for this requirement, clarifying paragraph a little, this indicates that those taxable persons with incomes equal to or exceeding $571,522.80 in the year must submit the reports required in the said article. One of the referrals reports according to the article 142A must contain at least the following requirements for your presentation: 1. A header that identifies the title of the record; behalf of the taxpayer, periodoque covers, NIT and NRC; (14)2. Correlative operation; (14)3. Date of the transaction; (14)4. Number of proof of tax credit, credit note, note of debit, Facturade consumer end, document of excluded subject referred to in article 119 deeste code, Declaration of goods or form corresponding customs, case segunel; (14)5 Name, trade name or designation of the provider; (14)6.

Nationality of the provider; (14)7. Description of the product purchased, specifying the characteristics as permitanindividualizarlo identify them fully; (14)8 Source or reference from the book of costs of full or local purchases where film taken the cost corresponding, or where appropriate the reference sheet costs oinforme taken of where the cost of production of the units produced; (14)9 Number of units admitted; (14) 10. Number of units coming out; (14) 11. Balance in units; (14) 12. Monetary amount or cost price of units entering; (14) 13. Monetary amount or price of cost or sale, as the case of the quesalen units; and (14) 14. Monetary balance of the amount of existing units at cost price. (14) Since specified date of the movement clearly this format represents a kardex per article or per item inventory movements, which will be interesting to see the number of sheets for those taxpayers with high volumes in products or movements. Well I hope I have clarified doubts.