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Month: September, 2016

The Case

28 September, 2016 (20:18) | News | By: eye

The problem of "prolonged jump" For most it companies, long-term "classic" consulting projects are the limiting factor in the process of making quality of process changes. it departments, and so are forced to constantly react to new technologies, the changing business conditions, changes in legislation and increasing demands for quality developed and introduced information systems. […]

Good Web Design

22 September, 2016 (20:48) | News | By: eye

Web design in the past was only something that only professionals performed it. Over the years many people have found that they can build a Web site with little experience. If you know what looks good and have some motivation in design, the website is commendable. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recognizes the significance of this. […]

Handmade Toys

19 September, 2016 (23:33) | News | By: eye

What you need: – a tape or rope – seed beads color number 1 – 27 pieces – beads color number 2 – 22 pieces – beads color number 3 – 2 pieces – pair of scissors. This instruction will be discussed on the yellow, orange and black beads. I advise not to select more […]

Continuous Savings

14 September, 2016 (02:48) | News | By: eye

On a wall using conventional screws to hang any shelf. Therefore, SIP panels are often used for making internal Canadian home partitions. After lining plasterboard walls of SIP is similar to stucco stone walls. Finishing work can begin immediately upon completion of assembly boxes at home. Canadian houses do not shrink. Limited set of tools […]


12 September, 2016 (09:28) | News | By: eye

Mico Column, Lynno in world-wide success and qui, interplanetary, came back to bind to me. Financial technology may find this interesting as well. As I did not have new features for it, he had the same them for me. it was saying that it intends to assist a candidate in the next elections. It did […]

Dan Gillmor

7 September, 2016 (12:48) | News | By: eye

And what he says is what is silent. We are not ready! Says it to the Word processor new technology. He begins to defend a truth. The own. For more information see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And the truth, opens the hollow of not knowing. Why we must clarify that it is not a fight […]