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Park Investments

Posted on July 18, 2013 in News

Not happy with the previous aid from the Government, automobile industry now call for more grants to keep car sales. But, why should we give priority to this sector and no optics, sausages or the trimmings, for example? The Government of Rodriguez Zapatero has passed half legislature pondering the virtues of a new more sustainable than the current economy and which is yet to be seen. And which sector does not better represent the vituperada old economy as the automobile? It is the most polluting, consumes fuel oil scarce and import instead of renewable energy, promotes individualism against the solidarity of the public transport, supposes a constant and costly human lives indent and obliges always insufficient road investments: the Park of automobiles increases much faster than the road network. I do not understand, therefore, the commitment to divert our dwindling resources to that sector. I know, of course, the employment it generates and their effects induced on other activities. But the same thing happened in his time with the shipbuilding or blast furnaces and their respective conversions gave an important push to the country’s economy. Therefore, prevail even more car sales while reducing at AVE and in other collective infrastructure investments, it would be a cruel irony: induce citizens to a higher consumption registration, insurance, reviews, gasoline, tolls, ITV, repair, circulation, while personal income goes down because of the economic crisis.

The Views

Posted on July 11, 2013 in News

It communicates errors or problems privately, directly with those involved, never in public and does teach. It is a good example that a bad sermon best put in the place of the other person and find the truth of what tells us, will give a surprising result: you can avoid that any conflict or difficult situation can become a disaster be tolerant, not pretending that other people think and act equal, they have their own. Not disqualify, look at the different optics as an enrichment for thoughts. Hear each other without reprimand by their thoughts and behaviors reflect, opening the mind and spirit to understanding, to debate, to the discrepancies. Can not be tolerant being dogmatic at the same time related with the leadership knows to stimulate the quality and labour productivity through the confidence and sense of collective effort doesn’t show favoritism by any person determined in its working group maintains ethical positions that inspire respect and admiration in his subordinates, valued merit and gives due recognition to their subordinates appreciates extra collaborations that provide their employees learn to disagree without being disagreeable, but don’t confuse being kind to be weak. The way in which one presents the views will determine the way in which they receive one. Long-term effectiveness depends on how to handle disagreements, concentrate on the problem, not the person with whom he is in disagreement.

It will be more successful if enemies are not created when I know this in disagreement with others. Enemies mean that one need to spend energy, time, money and distraction from more important matters. Avoid sudden changes of mood in daily contact. Never shout, gives them orders with a spirit of equanimity related with communication listening and stimulates the participation of their subordinates. Have the virtue of listen closely to the heart of people, not reported feelings, their inexpresadas penalties and their silent complaints, it may so inspire confidence.

Social Recomposition

Posted on July 5, 2013 in News

The past has taught us that, without key leaders of vanguard of the ethnic interest training school, it may end in confusion and infighting, while true heading of our martyr Pinkatsary Alejandro Luis Calderon, who was killed by the terrorist hosts, has consolidated the strength of our peoples likewise has given us signal that it is possible the union and reaching win spaces public and lideramiento have clear signs of our conquest of powerWhen things are compatibilizada with our aspiraciociones and our reality. What to learn from here onwards is to overcome our weaknesses as social and political organization is not enough mention dirigenciales experience for vessel to the political sector, although true that our former rulers, had no clear involvement in the Organization dirigenciales life, but came to power to print their hopes and dreams to the population, Alcidez Calderon is ancestor of the traces of his father who summoned masses and convince from the optic dirigenciales, who had a Government regular, then German Meza, who he guaranteed the reorganization of political people optics, recall that at that time the town was divided, with more than one hundred characters and social leaders, had been sentenced to be character non grata, without any explanation of the population by such influential then organizing policy attitudesThis Act partly weakened the aspirations and strengthened participation, we won again in walk blindly without destination clear, the outcome a maguado Government, internal fights, of his own party, here we went down rating, again the people had submitted to the deception, the insistence prevail in power in order to justify the involvement, brings with it another social convulsioni.e. repeating the dish is not the recipe, in this case the people have awakened and analyzes the characters and leaders that they can lead to your town, at that then Nemesio Mendoza, wins the elections the organization behind, but inexperience makes you make mistakes, your stubbornness leads to isolation and sabotages his own nationality, tries to liquidate the organizational structure, with partisan ideas and elitist, everywhere in workshops without clarity, neglecting its mandate, this is because the question of our political and social reality, we now have a society more time, more deaf and less politics. Now that do to restore social order, remember during more than a decade, do not manage to overcome some problems facing our communities, such as illegal logging, malnutrition, illiteracy, lack of opportunities for young people, lack of employment, truncated routes, and much less a city with services optimsminucion of the opportunities and new threats are already within our interests, the oil grab not divided only into port there are three lots, our water, land and forests in extreme threat.