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Posted on November 10, 2012 in News

Do not advance you are equal you to have a painting, a drawing and to have an livened up drawing and to want, know? To speak that the things a thing is process of another one. In the truth they are different things. You have a drawing nanquim and it, by itself, it you soon. It does not need to color! A painting the oil, it you soon, understood? Then, thus, they are is different languages.

You finish having that to assume. The virtual scene cannot for in the head that it goes to be a real scene. Future, who knows? It can until arriving at a processing point that you obtain subtilities that more does not obtain to identify. But today, with the equipment that people have, people do not obtain and have that to assume this, she understood? She is what people make. In the digital age, of the digital TV, in the real scene, all the elements, thus, have that to have more somebody (…) why nor a transparent line cannot, because already goes to appear A risk! A nugget is of the place! Ruguinha! How it is that it goes to be, thus, is in its opinion, the virtual scene can substitute all the others? Not! (laughs) I Am equal you I spoke! They are different languages, understood? Then, thus, it is is same history, for example, of when they spoke of 2D and 3D, drawing animado.e graphical computation, understood? One goes to substitute the other? They are different languages, n? You have the livened up drawing traditional and you she has the graphical computation. It is more easy today to make in the graphical computation? It is! This can discard the livened up drawing, because it is a delayed process more, more elaborated and such, understood? But one substitutes the other? I find that not, it understood? You find that she has some identification the virtual scene with the format? For example, thus, for the journalism the virtual scene a soap opera, a real scene? It has! It is of very specific use, understood? Equal saying he tava you with regard to to the figurino.



Posted on November 4, 2012 in News

In order to work in house with a business by Internet, the System of Affiliates it is indicated when idea is not had nor than it is the electronic commerce, since it can still begin without having without previous experience and a Web site, although for having it is indicated. In this one type of business in house, two or three parts take part, on the one hand the Affiliate and by another one the Retailer, and when this one last contract to a third party so that position becomes of the validation of the payment system, we would have the third part of the system. We could consider to the Affiliate like a Commission agent, that is the person who dedicates her better effort to present/display to the possible buyers, the product or service reason for her affiliation and to send them with the Retailer, this one is normally the Web site that has this product or service on sale. In the form simplest to operate, we could say that there its work finishes. The Retailer, receives to the possible buyers, we say Referred and by means of its automated Web site, position is made register to the referred ones, in the majority of the cases offering some gifts like E-Books or courses to them, to have access to its direction of email and by that means to realise the conviction work, normally by means of a periodic campaign of shipments of post office motivating them to the purchase of the product or service to obtain the closing of the sale. Once the Referred one is decided to realise the purchase, and Now clicks in the Button of Comprar or anyone of the purchase bellboys, the third part if the same Retailer does not do, then been worth the Credit card takes part and load to the account of the Buyer or Referred the price of the product, and immediately it is sent to the page of Unloading of the product if it is a digital product, E-Book or Softwar and is thanked for to him by its purchase, having been able to make the unloading immediately and in a matter of minutes it has the bought article.


Brazilian Access

Posted on September 19, 2012 in News

Giving continuity to the mission to improve education in the places where it acts, the School was created that Valley with the intention to prepare the professors and the pupils of the first one to the fifth series of Basic Ensino, offering improvement, update and pedagogical planning of the educators and reading, writing, verbal communication and access to the Internet of the pupils. Its projects interdisciplinares have helped, considerably, children to improve the reading, the writing, to work in team and to know the history of its region. This citizenship example has provoked great transformations in public education, acting with partnerships of institutions specialized in educative programs, more than benefiting 290 a thousand pedagogical people who had participated of its programs, such as professors, directors, coordinators, coordinating places, local producers and pupils (Cross, 2004); (Foundation, 2011). The access to the TICs, nowadays, is a reality as facilitador resource and of great use in all the areas of the knowledge. As solution to improve and to increase the access of the population to the telecentros, for example, the accomplishment of great investments in the construction of new telecentros and free and gratuitous programs is necessary. All the beings of a society are involved for the innovations that the TICs they offer, as the Government, the public and private institutions, the not governmental organizations and the citizens. For in such a way, the partnerships are the best indications government to develop it and to spread models of telecentros for the Brazilian territory. The telecentros are public of shared and gratuitous use, dedicated to the personal and communitarian development and operated spaces solely for the government, through partnerships with institutions of as and the third sector. The telecentros must have free and universal access, thus contributing for the improvement of the quality of life of the people, facilitating the access the social programs and promoting the education and the digital inclusion (USP, 2007).



VMRI Missiles

Posted on September 12, 2012 in News

As data divulged in January of 2009 in the memorandum of agreement of the Treated one to Reduction of Strategical Weapons (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, START), the Russians keep operational 2,825 strategical nuclear devices, and the Americans, 2,200 devices. As vectors of launching of such devices Msseis Balsticos Intercontinentais are used (MBI), Ballistic Missiles Launched of Submarinos (MBLS) and strategical bombers. The Forces of Missiles Strategical (0:5 B=K5 B> 9A: 0 CB@0B538G5A: > 3> H07=0G5=8O, PBCH, or RVSN), responsible for the operation of the MBI of the Russian Federacy, that are most advanced and powerful of the globe, are a separate Force of excessively, inside of the Russian military structure. The Russian intercontinental missiles constitute the nucleus of the strategical force of the Federacy. The four models of operational missiles can, together, to carry up to 1.357 nuclear ogives.

The first one of them, UR-100UTTh, is in service since 1979. Currently the Russians operate 72 units of these missiles equipped with a total of 432 nuclear ogives. With a reach of 10.000 kilometers and carrying six Multiple Vehicles of Reentrada Independente (VMRI) with 750 unitria power of kt, such missiles can attack any situated target in the Europe, Asia, Africa and in parts of the Oceania and the American continent. Each one of its VMRI can be directed against a different target, what it allows each missile to reach six different situated targets for times the hundreds of kilometers one of the other. The digital systems of orientation independes of each vehicle allow a precision of 920 meters, according to Russian sources. However, it is practises common of the Russians to depreciate the official data of precision of its missiles, what it takes intelligence occidental person esteem, in the case of the UR-100NUTTh, a precision of up to 220 meters. Due to official precision of such missiles, one gives credit that its mission is to act in against-value missions, what it means that these vectors would have as white elementary schools the cities and the population centers of the adversary.


TICs Social

Posted on August 11, 2012 in News

New and efficient the TICs had given a jump of gigantic dimensions and to have a free and democratic access to these environments and that it propitiates the informacional inclusion, social, digital, educational and professional, the necessary State to take part of this initiative in concrete, creative way and of much innovation. To have an idea, social initiatives as the Program Stock market Family who the Government comes implementing, currently, do not generate income, do not generate job, do not decide the social problems of the minorities, do not improve the educational system and keep the distant people of the emergent technologies, without possibilities to participate, productively, of the globalizada economy (Branches, 1995). The application of great investments in education and the modification of the current models of education in all the levels and domnios can revert the problem of the digital exclusion. As example, the quality of its educative system is cited the Finnish model that got success in the digital inclusion of its society, improving (Castells, 2005). It is cited, also, the United States whose population is part of a system of management of the knowledge where the education is based on the model to learn to learn throughout the life, having as objective to apply this capacity of learning to all the domnios of the social and professional life (Castells, 2005). With the incorporation of the TICs to the educative process, a new pedagogical paradigm can be oportunizar and concretely be implemented, with potential to produce and rich situations of learning (Castells new, 2005; Branches, 1995). Thus being, one remodels structural needs to be made in the schools in terms of management, of new concepts, methods of education and curricular contents, in order to prepare its professors, as well as the pertaining to school community and the proper administrators to face the new proportionate challenges for the emergent technologies.



Photo Albums

Posted on June 25, 2012 in News

Take the situation: you and the employer comes to you to get a job man about whom nothing is known except to a labor records. There is a desire to get acquainted with a man closer to understanding whether or not it fits. Of personal communication course can be found a minimum of information and an idea, but need the facts. Or you met a pretty girl and you want to know if it does not occur to anyone? Some of the readers just say that supposedly easier to ask her, but suddenly she cheat 🙂 Today in runet giperpopulyarna social network VKontakte just lazy and do not have it in your page that hosts all the information about hobbies, interests, hobbies, occupations of the man. What am I, and to those that simply do not take advantage of the sin and not carry out its information intelligence. You must agree to the personal pages may emerge interesting facts and details. To find man enough to drive a VKontakte his name and in most cases you will find it.

But what if the person has decided to restrict access to its own page in the security settings? Namely, hid their custom photo albums, pages with video or audio, a page with a list of applications, notes, questions, groups, ratings, and presents. The following is a method that will help to lift this veil of secrecy. In order to 'split' profile, you need it identifier in the system. Calculate it easy, if you go to his page (where it displayed a message that the user chose to hide the information), then the address bar will change to 319 881 182 The numbers just is nothing like the id. Then take that number and substitute at the end of the list of addresses, URLs obtained paste into your browser: Photo Albums – Picture, which is marked – Videos – Videos that are marked – Audio – Applications – Wall – Notes – Questions – Groups – Rankings – Gifts – Of course not likely to be available all the information, but I think something that you still learn.



Posted on June 19, 2012 in News

Thus the time at which the match point leans on your side, you will be a memorable moment as a result of your hard work, perseverance, intuition, talent and courage can finally enjoy the sweetness of success in your project. Life is a story that is not written, we are with whom we conduct our framing, and our relationships with others whom we are writing. Strive to behave and interact in So do not be remember that it is appropriate or expected to do, but it is always better left to flow and how they live situations coming to when you reach the end of the journey you can truly say that you have decided what exactly you wanted to live life. Do not live life wondering what would be ideal to win the match point, and the other wish I have, but be yourself to decide what a life to live, and there will eventually be worth the game, the point is won with an instant luck, and often simply deserve much better off playing the game, that we have left to play. Coincidences, chance, luck and match points there are many around us, I hope you'll bother to support to help us recognize when they appear, and do not let the opportunity pass. Sometimes we realize the importance of our relationships, moments that can change our future and the opportunities it offers us the life, having match points and letting them know they do not pass recognize. They had a moment of luck and took advantage to play your best game.

I hope you recognize when you arrive you know good games, the trifle, and if you gain over the tournament better. "The one who said" better luck than talent, he knew the essence of life. People are afraid to admit that much of life depends on luck, scary to think how many things are beyond our control. In a match there time when the ball hits the edge of the network, and for a split second I heard you can go forward "" backward. With a little luck continues forward and win, or do not and you lose … " .


Steam Heating

Posted on May 11, 2012 in News

Water pressure before umpeu must ensure receipt at the exit of her hot stream (from the loss of water pressure) with the required pressure of water mains. On the pumping effect of psa. In promotional materials, on psa, often stresses such property as an opportunity to heating and pressurizing the water network. There are allegations about the possibility to refuse pump (negative pressure drop). Expert opinion on this issue 3: 1.Ispolzovanie steam injector for heating the cold water steam and hot water in a storage container is possible if the water and steam in their characteristics comply with sanitary norms and rules. 2. usefulness of the steam injector system for training a network of water at consumer substations that are connected to the steam heating systems are not so obvious and should be considered for each object individually.

If the scheme of heating mains water will be used by psa, which combines the heating system water to increase its pressure, the hydraulic and thermal regimes of the thermal system with psa are interrelated. With increasing (decreasing) the outside air temperature required temperature of network water should decrease (increase) according to the temperature control schedule. This means that the flow of steam through nozzle psa should also decrease (increase), which leads to changes in network pressure hot water at the outlet of psa, and therefore will change its flow. In turn, due to variable water flow, the temperature at exit from the heating system is not equal to the values that should correspond to temperature profiles, calculated at constant flow of water mains.


Trigger Voltage

Posted on March 26, 2012 in News

Optimized mode of operation has reduced the time the ignition. Also decrease the number of micro cycles ignition positive impact on lamp life. Two-way communication between the unit and the lamp can intelligent system to maintain a good working balance, taking into account the working conditions. Low starting current – 6 A working characteristics of the maximum values correspond to the claimed passport (the deviation of not more than percent). Exceptional reliability.

Optimized algorithm for combustion control lamps significantly prolongs the life of the whole set. High-efficiency power ignition ensures low heat. Qualitative shielding protects against outside interference and does not allow interference in automotive electronics. Reliable waterproofing ensures stable operation at high humidity (85%). Passport life blocks ignition 20000 hours (Average annual use mode 4000 hours). Trouble-free anywhere in Russia.

Wide operating temperature -40 +100 C allows the use of equipment in extreme heat and cold. The design eliminates lamp razbaltyvanie flask while driving on any roads. Blocks firing of mtf embodied the latest advances in the field of engineering xenon light. The equipment is designed specifically for use with lamps with philips flasks and provide data lamps optimal performance regardless of external conditions. Certification of the pct (GOST), e-mark, qs, tuv. Dimensions 95h75h40. Weight Blocks 380 Guaranteed operating temperature range of -40 to 100 C . Rated operating voltage 12.8. Permissible operating voltage: 9 – 16. The maximum peak inrush current 6 A. Rated current 3.4 A. Trigger Voltage 19 35 kV. Arcing time 0.3 sec.



Windows Media Player

Posted on January 18, 2012 in News

As watch HD videos? First comes the thought of buying a special video player that allows viewing of HD video. Modern AV industry offers a wide range of similar devices of different manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, V DUCK, Egreat, Lacie, Iomega, etc.). Currently, video players that support HD video has a quite reasonable price and wide range of possibilities. On the other hand, you can build a multimedia PC supports all popular formats and allows you to watch HD video. However, HD video on a computer monitor does not produce that effect, which could occur if you watch HD movie on a big plasma screen. In such a situation arises the problem of constructing Cinema HD using household appliances and PCs.

This theater includes several components: the computer as a home base HD Theater, should have significant resources. At the very least, a powerful processor (not lower than Pentium 4) and high-quality video. Media Center – a program that allows you to watch HD video. Among the most popular can select Windows Media Player, Nero Show time, Cyberlink PowerDVD, etc. Remote control – a device to control Media Center installed. Of course, as a remote, you can use your mouse and keyboard, but it's not too convenient. Much better to use self-control.

In this case, you can use any universal remote with IrDA-receiver to view HD video will be much more comfortable. TV screen. The final link in a home theater system is a HD television screen, be it plasma, projector and LCD screen. Connection to PC by means of an adapter HDMI. For audio output to your receiver using S / PDIF cable. So, watch HD video on a home theater is easy. You can buy a HD video player, and immediately enjoy your home or build their own HD movie theater. The second option seems to us more cost effective and profitable. With proper installation of such a kit many times surpass the HD ready solutions Video player for most indicators.