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Posted on April 4, 2011 in News

Already mentioned in the context of the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor unit 'thermophilic' RMX140J are 46% cheaper than the closest analog of the line vrv. The modest size of the block (1350h880h320) pose a new scroll compressor with a motor, for which the company Daikin in Japan received another prize for progress in the life achievements of the Institute of Electronics, ieej. A new magneto-dc motor Optimized Reluctance dc motor, also known as 'Brushless' has several advantages over conventional electric motors. In contrast, ferrite magnets used in most engines, the engine used in a magnetized neodymium magnets (neodymium), having considerably more power. Motor rotor includes a curved iron plates, the location of which relative to the magnets is chosen to ensure maximum driving force. This leads to a decrease in consumption electricity and thus increases the efficiency of the engine. If you continue to practice the analogy with the world of internal combustion engines, the idea of a new engine Daikin is just as revolutionary as a source of pride Herr Ferdinand Pieha – Units W12 and W16, wherewith group vag equips its top models: Audi A8 and the Bugatti eb. Once and for focusing on the optimal half-liter volume of the cylinder, Volkswagen designers improve cardinality as well as economic engine performance, 'threading' on a crankshaft as a two row (R) engine and two V-shaped his own design (VR). By placing their new magnetically motors dc 'under the hood' blocks of Super Multi Plus, the designers at Daikin essentially performs a similar task: maximum performance (18.9 kW) with a minimum consumption (5 kW).